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David Preston David Preston

Phone: 508-548-1003
Mobile: 508-524-8827
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Info: Senior commercial executive and independent business consultant / owner with over 40 years of proven success in institutional, partnership and entrepreneurial environments. Special skills include, international banking, strategic and operational management, and an ability to create and build profitable business organizations. Extensive international work experience and contacts (in Europe, the Middle East and North American markets). Multi-state, licensed Real Estate Broker for past five years specializing in the marina brokerage field. BSC (physics) and MSc (organisational development). David is licensed as a real estate broker in multiple states on the east coast of the United States. David is also a Director of Trinity Marina LLC (formerly Quality Yacht Services) in Tiverton, Rhode Island.

April 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
David Preston is the reason that we sold our marina.
Through his network of contacts David introduced us to a highly motivated buyer. David’s industry knowledge helped the buyer (a first time marina owner) to evaluate our business against others and ultimately gave the buyer confidence in their purchase of our marina.
We learned that financing can be a challenge today and David’s banking background was invaluable in assisting the buyer to obtain financing that worked for all parties. Although the process took longer than we expected, David’s persistence and determination kept both the buyer and the seller engaged in the process. He never lost faith that the deal would close and he kept us all motivated and working towards that goal.
David proved that he is a hard worker and went way above and beyond by today’s broker standards to help assure a smooth closing and transition process. He provided a rare level of service that really made a huge difference in the success of this transaction.
David was a gentleman and a pleasure to work every step of the way. If you want to buy or sell a marina, your first call should be to David Preston. It will be the only call that you need to make!


Anne & Frank Facchetti Outermost Harbor Marine, LLC

To whom it may concern,
I have worked with many professional advisors over my many years in business, some good others less so. David is outstanding in the field of marina brokerage. First of all he knows what he is talking about and there are few that I have found in this specialized area that really do (though many may profess to do so). Perhaps because he has a solid background in business he knows how to speak the language of business and doesn’t rely on technical real estate terminology to explain the nature and essence of the deal at hand. Secondly, he has an amazing sense of dedication, drive and perseverance to see a deal from beginning to end. The acquisition he brought to us was neither straightforward nor simple and took nearly 15 months to complete. There were numerous times when I personally felt the deal was lost. Even during the Closing issues occurred that could have totally derailed the deal, yet he constantly kept focused on finding solutions to the problems at hand. Without him we would not have successfully closed. Thirdly, and most importantly, he possesses noteworthy inter-personal skills in handling and managing expectations and relationships that create trust and respect from both the Seller and the Buyer. I have come to highly regard his professional opinion and judgment above and beyond the marina brokerage area.

Farrell Kahn Aspen Capital & Management Group

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