Why Consider Buyer Representation?

MarinasForSale.com offers to buyers the opportunity to employ the firm as their advocate, specifically known as Buyer Representation. Marina owners/sellers are represented by the listing broker and are offered advocacy on the Seller side of a transaction.

By enlisting the services of <a href="http://www.MarinasForSale.com">MarinasForSale.com as Buyer's Agent, you will be receiving the expertise, experience and advocacy of a real estate brokerage firm that deals solely in the sale of marinas and boatyards throughout the United States. Our staff works to locate and present marina opportunities that conform to your investment and financial requirements. Every effort is made to ensure that you have received all of the information needed to make a quality and safe decision. In effect, much of the due diligence and asset analysis is completed long before you put pen to paper.

Another benefit of Buyer Representation is that our staff can approach unlisted marina owners and inquire of a possible sale of their facility before it enters the market. We can inquire with lenders of bank owned properties, FDIC, bankruptcy trustees and asset managers. Often the best acquisition, from a buyer's prospective, is made before a marina or boatyard ever hits the market. It simply makes sense to have quality representation and our fee is paid only upon the completion of a successful transaction. In many cases, our fee is paid in part or in full by the Seller or the Seller's agent.

Occasionally, when MarinasForSale.com is the listing agency, it will be necessary to convert to what is known as Dual or Transactional Agency. We cannot represent both parties in the same transaction with full and complete advocacy. In this instance, we become facilitators and work diligently to complete the transaction in a satisfactory manner to both parties.

If you would like to speak with one of our brokerage staff regarding Buyer Representation, please feel free to contact us either by email or telephone.